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Almost Famous Brewing Company was born from the passion of two friends who love craft beer, both drinking and brewing it, and could not resist the temptation to start their own craft brewery and taproom. Like most if not all independent craft breweries, it is plain and simple, it’s sharing the love of quality aromatic and flavorful craft beer.

Over the years We have tasted so many great beers and shared many conversations with like-minded people. We have noticed breweries and taprooms are a part of social life for many people; it is common to see adults with their families(and sometimes dogs) together enjoying the non-pretentious engaging taproom culture.

Our Taproom decor is industrially, locally and musically inspired from its bar top to its tabletops, its lighting, and the manufacturing equipment in the brewery. Our bar and tabletops are old bowling alley lanes from Blue Fox Rock N’ Bowl in Simsbury CT and from Willi Bowl in Willimantic CT. Our main taproom lighting is made from pipe, pipe fittings and industrial gears, other accent lighting comes from stage effects lights and we will always have music playing.




From Our Almost Brewer: “Our approach to brewing beer is understanding what we and others like in a good craft beer. Knowing the characteristics, the body, the texture, the carbonation, the color, the aromatics, and the flavor of the beer is important to create the recipes for our catalogue of beer. It starts with the fresh aromatics and flavor of great craft beer. It's the inspiration that comes from many great craft beers that others have produced and using the imagination to think of the possibilities of crafting our own great aromatic and flavorful beer.  Then there is a bit of research involved; first in collecting examples that exemplify a style, then evaluate each of them and pay attention to the similarities and differences and the subtle nuances of each characteristic. Also, we check the BJCP guidelines along with online review sources for the style of beer. We combine all that we know and can imagine in aromatics, textures and flavors coupled with our research and testing to create recipes that will have our certain signature flavor characteristic. When appropriate, we add our interpretation to that style of beer."




Almost Famous Brewing Company offers a place to gather with an open concept style taproom giving you a full view of the brewery and its equipment used in making our signature craft beer. We feature four comfortable taprooms. The main taproom is spacious and waiting for you to sit, relax and enjoy our locally crafted beer with family, friends and co-workers. Three other taprooms, Studio A, Studio B and Studio C, offer seating that is more intimate and quieter. You can book any of these three rooms for your private event.

​COMING SOON... Locally produced wine, cider and seltzer for those who prefer an alternative beverage to beer (rest assured, we will try to convince you that beer is the greatest beverage on earth).


Artwork from local artists will be on display and will rotate throughout the year, most will be for sale. We will have food trucks on premise whenever possible but on days we don't have one, please feel free to bring your own food or order food for delivery.




We have worked with many amazing people that have been integral in paving our way to becoming part of the craft beer community. Specifically Mike, Kate, Brian and Chris from Alvarium Beer Company. We have also worked with many great people from the East Granby Town Hall, the Building Department, the Planning and Zoning office, the Fire Marshal’s Office, the Town Clerk's Office, The Planning and Zoning Committee, that have been integral in helping us become part of the town's business community. We greatly appreciate everyone’s help and support.

In a world where the differences between people have been amplified and maybe even exaggerated by social media, very few things bring people together like beer, and where better to get beer than from the source. Breweries offer a sense of community and fellowship for both craft beer fans and those who are experiencing their very first visit to a brewery and taproom. Please stop by anytime as we would love to become part of your community and we would love for you to become part of ours.

We want our customers to feel like family and that’s how we will treat each and every one of them.
East Granby is a small town, we look forward to becoming an essential part of their community and the craft beer community by providing everyone with a place to gather for entertainment, food, fellowship, and great local craft beer.


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